When Life’s a Beach


These beach bums sold out of their first product in just two weeks, now they're stocked from Japan to the US

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It’s been a short business journey for the sister’s Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie so far. They only launched The Beach People last year but already have a litany of quirky-yet-practical products, ranging from the incredibly popular ‘Roundie’ towels to wooden beach carts, ponchos and beach tents. With the Roundie becoming a summer time phenomenon – selling out in only two weeks on the shelf – the pair kicked their day jobs in retail and hospitality and set off for an entrepreneurial adventure.

We caught up with Emma and Victoria so they could give us the exclusive low down on…

Working with Family:

It can be tricky.

From day one we established our roles and we stick to them. – Emma. doing the prep: I love branding and we found creating a brand guideline to be really helpful. Everyone involved in The Beach People looks to this for every decision we make. From what stores we stock, down to how we package our product. – Emma.

Growth and Distribution:

We don’t use agents or distributors, we simply let the range speak for itself. If you truly care and look after people, your business should naturally grow. We respond to emails within 24 hours, calls within two hours. If there’s a problem, we fix it. Good old-fashioned service. – Victoria.


The journey’s beautiful, and all the mistakes we make just make us. There will always be things we would do differently but that’s life. – Victoria.

Tips for Product Success:

Sample, sample, sample. Don’t release [a] product until it’s right. – Victoria




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