The Nutty Professor


At POD Design, Brooks Atwood leads a team of creatives in a space that could easily pass for a scientist's den


Inside Brooks Atwood’s brain are thousands of tiny ants working in tandem with specific synapses.

They’re trying to solve the riddle of art and science and how to tie the ideas to each other. “I think it’s called synergy,” says a man behind a greying black beard, with big hair, fat glasses and wild eyes. “I don’t have a right and left side of my brain. I have an arts side and a science side and both of these help me to be creative and innovative. They help me see things differently,” he concludes.

Brooks is one part designer and one part professor. In both camps – at his international design studio POD Design and from the lectern at either Parsons The New School for Design or New Jersey Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture and Design – his job is to do things differently.

And so far, he’s smashing it, creating cool stuff and concocting new concepts for brands like BMW, Zero + Maria Cornejo, the US Today Show, Paper Denim & Cloth and Quinze & Milan.

“The studio is a magical place where anything is possible,” says Brooks. “We have a no negativity policy as well. Leave your negativity at the door (along with your universal preconceptions) and let’s imagine a future of possibilities. A future of computational opportunities for innovation, creativity and mind-blowing fun!”


11Photography: images courtesy of POD Design

Mel Carswell

Deputy Editor



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