Why Entrepreneurs Should Set Aside a ‘Mindset’ Budget


Learn to invest in you.

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Continuous self-improvement of yourself as a leader or key player in a business is what will propel your business or department forward – but when life and work gets busy, we often put ourselves at the bottom of the pile and this is where many business leaders and senior staff go wrong.

If your most valuable asset is your mind, then allocate funds towards it in a formal way. If you don’t, it won’t happen and an entire year will fly by without you attending something life-changing. Instead, be brave – even if it’s visualisation at this point – and allocate a specific amount to yourself and your mindset when you are allocating funds for the next financial period. Call it something wacky like ‘mindset investment’ if you want – whatever is necessary, but the key is to do it.

Allocate a specific amount to your mindset when you are allocating funds for the next financial period. Call it something wacky like ‘mindset investment’ if you want – but the key is to do it.

Think big and aim for the top – go to at least one significant conference or thought leadership event a year (if it hurts a bit to sign off on the conference fee, then you’re on the right track), then be very strategic and thrifty with any other opportunities. With any opportunity (big or small), I try and measure its success on these three principals:

1. Did I have at least one mental shift while I was there?

2. Did I come up with at least one new good idea which will help me or the business significantly?

3. Did I make at least five solid business connections?

Hopefully you can say ‘yes’ to all three – that’s what I aim for and use that as a personal measure of success for myself and my staff. If not, simply move on to the next event or networking opportunity in search of these personal outcomes.

If you’re looking for creative breakthroughs, fresh innovation and fist-pumping success for your business or department, it almost always starts at the top. So let curiosity be your guide and invest in conferences, education, courses and any chance for solid, helpful peer-to-peer interaction. Your business (and mindset) will thank you.

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Belinda Smith

Totally agree. My business would not be where it is without the consistent investment I’ve made in education and a mentor. Further business growth would be impossible without my own personal growth fueled by meeting others at events with similar ambitions.


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