The Biggest Mistake Any Budding Entrepreneur Can Make


An ode to those who get it done.

Lisa Messenger

It’s not stuffing up your branding or missing out on the world’s best domain name, the biggest mistake you can make is not starting at all.

I have to be honest: there is one thing in life that makes my blood absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably boil. And I am also afraid to admit that I find it very hard to control the emotions when it does. It starts with a flicker, turns into a fume, my stomach churns, I do a cranky eye roll followed by a swift shake of the head and then it’s all over – I am actually angry.

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This thing has nothing to do with financial setbacks, staff mistakes or even my gorgeous dog vomiting in my brand new car (yes, that happened). It actually has nothing to do with me. Instead, I get fired up when I find myself in a conversation with someone who has had a dream or idea for a long time but instead of pursuing it like a piranha with a school of fish in sight – ferociously, relentlessly, passionately – they just want to talk about it… forever.

In short, they aren’t willing to put in the hard work to bring it to life. They are a “gunna”.

In my mind, there are two types of people in this world – the implementers and the gunnas. The gunnas always say they’re gunna do this and gunna do that, but they never do.

For the record, I’m actually okay with the talking – I love to theorise and dream with people, what really irks me is when they start saying things like, “You’re so lucky, what a charmed life you have!” and that is when I fire up. Inside I want to scream out, “I have worked soooooooo darn hard for all of this; I have dreamed big, but I have also worked big; I have fought hard and not given up when others would have and that is why I even ‘have’ at all.”

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In my mind, there are two types of people in this world – the implementers and the gunnas. The gunnas always say they’re gunna do this and gunna do that, but really, they never do. So no matter how good their idea is, it will always be just an idea.

If you aren’t willing to jump; to take even the smallest leap of faith to make something happen, then you don’t deserve the spoils when it does.

Instead, I love implementers, those who put their butts on the line and commit. They reach inside themselves and get a little uncomfortable, they spend their savings, have some sleepless nights, work the weekends, rally some troops… they take a risk.



I totally agree with you!!! I have been a “gunna” for such a long time. But that was more to do with the fact that i knew a “normal” 9-5 job wasnt for me, but i didnt know what was for me! It took some trial and error, but now i finally know and started my business. Reading collective hub was definitely aneye opener with that decision too. Running your own business is not a walk in the park, but it’s so SATISFYING, i think thats a feeling so many of us crave.


I’m implementing this comment rather than ‘gunna-ing’ it, because #action. You rock!


Thank you!!
What a great article!
I finally started my business after planning for 6 months, and it feels so liberating to be “doing” instead of talking.

I am growing insects for human food and animal feed

Sylvia Harvey -Walker

Well said. I feel like I am an implimentor, but I am in the ‘jump’ phase and have another ‘jump’ to go!

It’s hard as I feel like I had so manly ideas I hope I just chose the right one to back!

It is scary and I am digging deep and working hard. There have been some big setbacks last year, but this is a new year and I will keep pushing.

Thanks for sharing these wise words!


Colin James

“You are so lucky…” is the comment that irks too Lisa. Mastering something over 20 years allows some success and wonderful experiences. The truth is we are all making this up as we go along – seeking counsel and support from those who have endeavoured, strived and achieved along the way – is all we can do.


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