From Practice to Purpose – Start the New Year Right


Collective Hub and lululemon are coming together to help you start the new year right.


Key to a life lived with passion, integrity and purpose is having a vision of where you want to be – then breaking that down into goals (the bigger, hairier and more audacious the better) to get you there.

Collective Hub and lululemon are coming together to help you start the new year right, with two mornings of visioning and goal-setting over a fresh and healthy breakfast in Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney’s iconic Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel will host the breakfast with health and fitness specialist Libby Babet joining us on the day.

Melbourne’s breakfast will be at Smart Artz Gallery with lawyer-turned-funtrepreneur Sarah Holloway from Matcha Maiden and Angie Greene from Stand Up Events, showing our goal setters how to make 2017 a healthier, more positive one.

To start the new year right with Collective Hub and lululemon, head to our Eventbrite page for tickets.

From Practice to Purpose Sydney


From Practice to Purpose Melbourne



Emma B

Hi guys!
I think Brisbane would really benefit from one of these breakfasts too… have noticed we missed quite a few events in 2016… was hoping this might change in 2017? The Queensland lifestyle is all about health & fitness (climate for it!) and we have a huge bunch of entrepreneurial peeps up here too – you wouldn’t have any trouble finding locations or guest speakers. Looking forward to more events up here! 😀

Kimberley Williams

I agree with this comment that most cities other than Sydney and Melbourne miss out on Collective Hub events in 2016. Why is that?
I moved from Melbourne to Perth last year and missed all the events but there are plenty of opportunities in all major cities in Australia. I think it’s important to make events accessible nationally wide.


Totally agree with the above comment, Brisbane is a fast growing City for Fashion, Health, Business Opportunties and more. We would welcome with open arms Collectivehub to commit to doing some breakfast/lunch meetings.


I totally agree with the above 2 comments. I attended the ‘A New League’ event in Sydney and absolutely loved it! However once you add up flight and hotel costs it becomes so expensive! I would love if possible for there to more events in Brisbane…it would still mean 2 hours travel via car but much more attainable especially struggling to make ends meet during start up phase. This is not a whinge comment just would love to be able to go to more events 🙂

Celeste Leary

Hello there!

We would absolutely love to do something like this for the girls in NYC! I work for the ivivva (Lululemon’s young girls line) in Union Square and this paired with a young entrepreneurs workshop when Lisa is in town would be AMAZING!


Yes please please bring your events to Brissie… happy to help out with logistics (as I’m sure others would be!).


And don’t forget us all here in Newcastle! Its a fun, growing city and pretty funky too! The amount of small businesses and entrepreneurs would surprise you!!


Agreeing with the comments on here! I feel like I’m
Missing out on everything being in Perth and can’t always fly over for events.

Please come to Perth 2017! Xx


I would love to attend a Collective Hub event in Brissy too! If any help were required, I have a degree in Event Management, and would be honoured to be of assistance! PLEASE BRING US ENTREPRENEURIAL SEEKERS MORE EVENTS IN 2017!


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