Airbnb: 6 Stays On Our Wishlist


From an al fresco bathtub to a 60 bedroom castle and sleeping in a beer barrel!

All photos courtesy of Airbnb

co-founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia have come a long way since bringing in short-term lodgers to make up the cost of their increased rent back in October 2007.

Like most start-ups, theirs began as a solution to a personal problem. When the two flatmates needed some extra cash and a design conference in San Francisco meant every hotel room was booked up, they quickly purchased a few inflatable beds and business was open!

Fast forward to May 2015 and Airbnb now has 1.2 million listings worldwide – including 9000 boats, 2800 treehouses and 4000 castles.

We’ve pulled together 6 out of the ordinary stays that are high on our Airbnb wishlists.


Enchanting treehouse in Atlanta



Icelandic cottage


2) 60 bedroom castle in Ireland

6) Dog-shaped structure in Idaho Dog-shaped 7) Shipping container in Mallorca Shipping-container 8) Tugboat on the Thames London-tugboat 9) Japanese garden near Kyoto


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