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Like anything I do in life the way I’ve tackled books is pretty counter-intuitive to the status quo

Lisa Messenger


Little known fact: I’ve written a lot of books (finally worked out I’ve written 12 myself and co-authored or contributed to well over 20). And like anything I do in life the way I’ve tackled books is pretty counter-intuitive to the status quo.

So let’s go back. Firstly, at school I did what was rather unceremoniously called “veggie English” – the lowest of the low of the low – for people who couldn’t write or tell stories. Fast-forward a few years and voilà, that “not so good at school kid” has made a life out of writing books, helping others write books (we’ve published more than 400 for other people) and launched a magazine (which is now available in 33 countries) when “print is dead”. As I always say “anything’s possible!”

So a little bit about my books – my first one was Happiness Is… and I wrote (or rather compiled) it when I was incredibly unhappy about 10 years ago. I was stuck in an unhappy marriage, alienated from my family and drinking too much. Yet that’s where, in the most unlikely of circumstances, my publishing (and really my life) journey began. I searched for what made people happy, disrupted the traditional publishing model and the rest is history.

From there I wrote a book called Cubicle Commando which is all about being an intrapreneur – an entrepreneur within the confines of a corporation. The impetus for this book was the many people I met who were so unhappy in corporate life, but who recognised that we need movers and shakers within corporations, so I shared a little of my entrepreneurial learnings to apply to the corporate world. Personally this is one of my favourite books so far.

Soon I had a heap of people asking me about how to publish and so I wrote a couple of books over the next few years which were basically a blueprint to our publishing and marketing/ distribution model – que – Maverick Marketing and Books to Boost Your Brand (just FYI we still publish a number of books and create content for a number of brands – think Lorna Jane, Toby’s Estate Coffee, Commonwealth Bank and Eagle Boys Pizza to name a few).

From there I took up surfing and, unlike most people who become the guru of something and then write a book, I wrote a four-part series of location guides on how to surf from a beginners’ perspective along with commentaries from all the greats – enter Learn to Surf Bondi; LTS Manly, LTS Byron Bay, LTS Australia… Along the way I became an avid property investor. Everyone started asking me how I did it and kept asking for contacts of my team and so I decided to put all my experiences and tips from my team of experts into one little book – Property Investing the Australian Way.

I was also getting asked to speak and comment a lot on social media so I penned my thoughts in yet another book, Social Media to Boost Your Brand (I don’t necessarily advocate buying this one – it’s a little outdated now as social media is fast-paced beast but I guess there are still some good and relevant tips).

And then, of course, there is my latest and most personal baby, Daring & Disruptive – Unleashing the Entrepreneur, it’s essentially all my philosophies on business and life and quite a lot of The Collective journey so far. It’s officially out on October 9th but if you pre-order it will be delivered to you specially signed by moi (if you want) about two weeks before.

Its been quite a journey. Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you along the way

xx L

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